Grant Winners

Sophie Appel and State Fabric Editions

Cher Strauberry

Cher Strauberry is a pioneering figure in the Bay Area and beyond, making critical contributions in the fields of music, art, and skateboarding. In collaboration with Unity Skateboards, and as a trans woman, she has redefined what it means to be a skateboarder in the cis male heteronormative world of skating. This book, designed and produced by Appel and State Fabric Editions, contains reproductions of Cher’s artworks, journal entries, zines, and ephemera created over the span of six years, tracing her career as a visual artist, writer, and radical.

Image 1 of Cher StrauberryImage 2 of Cher Strauberry

Mareiwa Miller

Zone of Fractional Melting

Zone of Fractional Melting is an installation and sculpture that will take place within a human size chess board. In the artist’s words, the work exists at “the point where creation and destruction overlap, where both terms are simultaneously stripped of all meaning. Like consenting lovers, destruction gives way to creation and creation to destruction. It’s a zone where boundaries are erased, rules are overthrown and there is no longer a race for power.”

Image 1 of Zone of Fractional Melting